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kharoe's Journal

I'm 16 and am awesome.

a fish called wanda, acting, adrian brody, aim, alferd packer, all about eve, almost famous, astrology, autumn, back massages, baseketball, bigger longer and uncut, billy joel, bob marley, books, bradley nowell, british comedy, brokeback mountain, camp, camping, canada, cannibal! the musical, cannibalism, canoeing, cats, chair formations, chewbacca, chocolate icecream, chocolate milk, clue, coffee, coldplay, dian bachar, dido, dispatch, dvda, egypt, ewan mcgregor, feminism, film, food, forrest gump, french toast, french toast man, friends, gilmore girls, good will hunting, hamlet, harry potter, heath ledger, henna, hiking, hoodies, hot jews, i ♥ huckabees, indian food, iron chef, jack johnson, jeans, john cleese, jonathan rhys meyers, juan schwartz, kate winslet, kung fu fighting, laughing, london, macbeth, maggie gyllenhal, making lists, matt damon, matt stone, monty python, mormons, moulin rouge, movies, music, mxc, nyack, oasis, oceans, office space, orangina, orgazmo, peace, penguins, photography, plays, poetry, princess bride, psychology, quizzes, rain, raspberries, reading, red hot chili peppers, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, shakespeare, shpadoinkle, sin city, ska, sleep, smoothies, snow, socks, south park, spanish, starbucks, sublime, t.s. eliot, team america, thai food, the beatles, the breakfast club, the decemberists, the rogue players, the spice girls, the spirit of christmas, theatre, thirteen, trebuchet ms, trey parker, trey singing, trigger happy t.v., trigger happy tv, tripping, velvet goldmine, weezer, whitewater canoeing, winter's tale, yoga, zena: warrior princess